Why H2O Degree?


It's Simple.

Higher utility cost recovery, which means:

  • More income
  • Bigger property value boost

How does H2O Degree recover more?

  • We Measure More
    • Domestic hot water energy
    • Water, gas, electric
    • Hot water heating
    • Chilled water cooling
    • Duration of consumption at each point of use
    • Number of use events
  • We Save More
    • H2O Degree's average savings is 26%, compared to 15% for competitors and 0% for RUBS* - because we monitor and report leaks
      * EPA study
  • We Help You Collect More
    • You may choose any billing service company or option that fits with your program
  • We Build Resident Goodwill
    • Accurate and informative usage detail
    • On-line internet meter registers
    • Conservation tips
    • Full explanation of use, by appliance, e.g.
      • Length of showers (too long)
      • Temperature of showers (too hot)
      • Number of toilet flushes (using toilet as a wastebasket)
  • We Submeter All Building Types
    • Highrise
    • Garden style
    • All plumbing, heating and wiring types
  • Professionalism
    • H2O Degree's installation and billing partners are 'best of class' providers with proven track records and broad national experience