Resident Letter

Dear Resident,

Welcome to H2O Degree. We manufacture the sub-metering system that is being installed in your apartment. We make three different meters - Aqura water meters, Energy Monitors that track electric or gas use and Green Thermostats that track demand for heating and cooling. All H2O Degree meters meet national standards for accuracy - every meter was tested before we installed it.

How the metering system works

Every meter records your consumption in real time, as you use utilities. Then a two-way Wireless Mesh radio sends meter data to our network hub several times each day. Each radio transmission lasts only a fraction of a second, using only 2 to 3 cents worth of power a month. These radio transmissions generate far less radio energy than a typical cell phone, and they are perfectly safe.

The data from the meter is then delivered to our national data center over the internet. Then we run diagnostics on the data, to reveal leaks or other problems, and generate reports. We also post your meter data on our secure web site every day, so that it is available to your management, their billing company and to you if you request a log-in.

Please do not disturb the meters

Tampering with any meter to avoid paying for utilities is theft. If you should accidentally bump or push the meter aside, it shouldn't matter. Damaged meters transmit an alert, which will trigger a maintenance ticket that will require someone to enter your home. Most leases include a penalty if tampering is detected.

From time to time, routine meter maintenance is required, but you will receive ample notice from your property manager before a representative from Wellspring or your billing company will need to enter your home - and they should always be carrying a badge for your inspection. Call your manager if you are ever suspicious about anyone claiming to be with Wellspring. All our employees have identification badges, or business cards that they will leave with you.

Visit our Website

We encourage you to visit our web site at for more detailed information on our products and services. The web site also contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about our system, and conservation tips you will want to read. If you have questions about your bill, please follow the instructions on your invoice, and contract your billing company. Please DO NOT contact your local utility directly, as they sell in bulk to the property and they know nothing about your invoice.

Water and energy are precious resources - thank you for helping to conserve.