Frequently Asked Questions

Who is H2O Degree?

H2O Degree manufactures a broad line of Wireless Mesh radio-based sub-metering systems that measure individual apartment or condo use of water, domestic hot water energy, boiler and chiller energy, electricity and gas. We also make a Green Thermostat which tracks energy use, and set-back temperatures when you are away or asleep.

What was installed inside my home?

We have installed sub-meters that measure your utility use. Aqura Water sub-meters are located on the pipes as they enter your apartment, or on the tub, shower, toilet and kitchen sink. These meters measure water, domestic hot water energy, time and use events. Electric sub-meters measure your electric consumption. Energy Monitors are located inside your heating unit, or inside your thermostat. They measure your energy use for heating, or cooling.

How does the H2O Degree system work?

Every meter measures and records your consumption as it occurs, indexing the meter register higher. Meter data is stored in a microprocessor. A built in radio transmits the meter data every few hours to a network hub that is centrally located in your property. H2O Degree then extracts the data using an internet connection, runs diagnostics to reveal leaks and maintenance needs, then posts the data in our secure web site for use by your property manager and your billing company.

Is my privacy being violated?

No. Our metering system is no different than any used by utilities. The law protects information regarding your utility use. We use secure internet servers to display your data, and passcodes that limit access to protect your privacy.

What if I see a leak, or if my heating/cooling unit malfunctions?

Report it immediately to your property manager. You don't want to be charged for waste that is the result of a maintenance problem - get the problem reported and fixed as soon as possible.

What if I have a problem with my meters?

When a meter is opened, malfunctions, is damaged or even has a low battery, it automatically sends out an alert signal to us. When we detect a problem, we issue a service ticket that triggers a service visit by your on-site maintenance person, our dealer or one of H2O Degree's technicians.

Are H2O Degree meters accurate?

Every meter is tested before it leaves the factory to be sure it meets nationally accepted ANSI performance standards. In addition, we run diagnostics on your meters every day, to be sure they are operating properly. We are also required to meet state and local regulations for accuracy.

Are H2O Degree meters safe to have in my home?

H2O Degree's meters pose no health risk. All materials and components have passed national and international safety and operating standards. All radios are FCC approved, and send a weak signal (100 mw) lasting 0.2 seconds several times each day. Otherwise, the meters are quietly metering and recording data.

How can I access my meter data?

Your property manager can call up your data on the internet, or you can request a report of past consumption which your management office can print out.